Hoof Care Guide

As horse owners, I don't have to tell you about the investment you have in your horse. The purchase price of some animals can be quite substantial. If you are a conscientious owner, the purchase price is just the beginning. You have insurance, worming, vaccinations, nutritional needs, housing (barn and fencing), equipment and tack, and hoof care expenses. You also have an incredible amount of time and energy invested.

The long-standing saying "NO HOOF, NO HORSE" is very true. So to take care of your investment take care of your horse's hooves. There may be more to this than most realize. There are many different levels, aspects, and time frames of hoof care.

Daily Care
Weekly Care
Farrier Service Scheduling
Emergency Hoof Care
Hoof Problems
Keeping Your Farrier Happy
Proper Shoeing
About the Farrier
Horse Chiropratic

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